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The Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research "HGS-HIRe for FAIR" is a joint endeavor of the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt, the universities at Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Giessen, Heidelberg and Mainz together with FIAS to promote and support structured PhD education for research associated with GSI and FAIR.

Information on the activities of the Helmholtz Association and the partner universities of HGS-HIRe to overcome and cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here.

News - October 20, 2020

HGS-HIRe Softskills

All HGS-HIRe softskill courses have been modified into a virtual version to be able to offer the courses despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
News - October 31, 2019

HGS-HIRe Lecture Week Nuclear Physics

A HGS-HIRe Lecture-Week on Nuclear Physics with the topic "Nucleosynthesis" will be held at Ebernburg Castle December 2-6, 2019.
News - October 10, 2019

HGS-HIRe Lecture Week Hadron Physics

A HGS-HIRe Lecture-Week on Hadron Physics with the topic "The nature of hyperons and their properties in nuclear matter" will be held in Laubach October 21-25, 2019.
News - October 10 2019

Graduate Day 2019

The HGS-HIRe Graduate Day 2019 will be held November 20, 2019 at the Kunsthalle in Darmstadt.
News - June 23, 2019

HGS-HIRe Power Week - Big Data II

The second HGS-HIRe Power Week on "Big Data II: Efficient Programming (Advanced)" will be organized in Schmitten, October 7-11, 2019.
News - May 22, 2019

HGS-HIRe Power Week - Big Data I

The second HGS-HIRe Power Week on "Big Data I: Efficient Programming" will be organized in Limburg, June 17-21, 2019.
News - May 1, 2019

HGS-HIRe Summer Student Program 2019

The summer student program 2019 at GSI is co-organized again by HGS-HIRe. Undergraduate students will come to GSI for the summer to work on a small research project and to participate in a special lecture program. Details

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