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Thank you for your interest in HGS-HIRe.

In HGS-HIRe we use a three step application process. As a first step you need to register. We will review your registration based on the information you provide and contact you with further questions and information about the next steps, i.e. request and completion of your application documents (second step) and evaluation by the Application Review Committee of HGS-HIRe (third step), respectively.

If you want to apply for participation in the doctoral program of HGS-HIRe, please continue to >STEP 1: Registration
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Additional information on funding

HGS-HIRe is providing administrative help, support and advise to give participants and supervisors easier access to funding for the doctoral projects from various funding partners we are working with. This includes common standards and a common framework for application and reporting.

Depending on the funding program regular working contracts as well as scholarships might be available.

HGS-HIRe is not deciding about granting funding or the way of funding. There are no HGS-HIRe doctoral positions or HGS-HIRe scholarships. Based on agreements with our funding partners, participantship in HGS-HIRe might be a prerequisit to obtain doctoral funding from these sources, however.

HGS-HIRe particularly provides help for the following doctoral funding programs:

  • Research and Development Program of GSI-FAIR ("F&E-Programm", formerly GP-HIR - the Graduate Program for Hadron and Ion Research), i.e. the funding program based on the bilateral contracts between the GSI Helmholtzzentrum in Darmstadt and the corresponding partner universities

  • Doctoral fundig program of the Helmholtz Forschungsakademie Hessen für FAIR (HFHF) that emerged from the former Helmholtz International Center for FAIR (HIC for FAIR)
In case funding from our funding partners is sought, supervisors together with particiants and funding partners should agree on available and adequate ways of funding of the doctoral project before the application at HGS-HIRe is started. Current funding rates and conditions of our funding partners can be found here.

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