Joint CRC-TR 211 & HGS-HIRe Lecture Week on Critical Phenomena in Strong-Interaction Matter - October 2023 - Rauischholzhausen

(Schloss Rauischholzhausen, use of these files permitted by the Schlossmanagement)


October 9-13, 2023


Critical Phenomena in Strong-Interaction Matter from the Functional Renormalization Group and Lattice QCD


Bastian Brandt (Lattice QCD; U Bielefeld)
Fabian Rennecke (FRG; JLU Giessen)
Sipaz Sharma (Lattice QCD; U Bielefeld)
Lorenz von Smekal (Critical Phenomena; JLU Giessen)
Christian Schmidt (Group exercises; U Bielefeld)


Gerhard Burau (HGS-HIRe)


HGS-HIRe Lecture Weeks are crossdisciplinary training events that cover experimental, theoretical and technical aspects of a particular research field together. This lecture week is dedicated to the research field of hot & dense nuclear matter. It is presented by the CRC-TR 211 "Strong-Interaction Matter under Extreme Conditions" in cooperation with HGS-HIRe and focusses on critical phenomena in the phase diagram of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). In addition to a general introduction to the relevant critical phenomena, both, functional renormalization group (FRG) and Lattice QCD methods to study these phenomena will be introduced and trained with hands-on excercises suitable for doctoral researchers with interest in the theory of hot and dense matter. This lecture week addresses topics of particular relevance to doctoral researchers within the CRC-TR 211 who will be given priority for participation. Nevertheless, available additional slots vacant are open to all participants of HGS-HIRe interested in this field of research.

A preliminary agenda and schedule is provided in the pdf file below. An update, if needed, will be announced in due time.

>Preliminary Agenda (pdf)


For registration please send a brief e-mail to info[at] as soon as possible. Please indicate in your registration e-mail whether you are affiliated to the CRC-TR 211 or not.

Practical Information


The lecture week starts on Monday, October 9, at 12:00 with an informal welcome and lunch; the scientific program starts with the first lecture at 14:00. The lecture week ends on Friday, October 13 after lunch around 14:00.


The lecture week will take place as a face-to-face event at Schloss Rauischholzhausen. The address is: Schloss Rauischholzhausen, Schloßpark 1, D-35085 Ebsdorfergrund.
More information can be found here > and on google maps >.


Please arrange your travel to/from the venue individually by public transport (train & bus) or by car pool. Please make sure to arrive well in time.

In order to travel to the venue by public transport, the most common train destination is Marburg (Lahn). There is a public bus connection from Marburg (Lahn) Südbahnhof to the venue. Just take the bus line 80 in the direction "Stadtallenallendorf-Schweinsberg" to "Rauischholzhausen (Potsdamer Straße)". More details are given on the website of the venue. >

Alternatively to the public bus, you can take a shared taxi from Marburg.

In case you plan to travel by car pool, best check the recommendations on the mentioned website, too. >

Late arrivals

If you will arrive later please contact the CRC-TR 211 coordinators in advance.


Accommodation at the venue is mostly in twin bed rooms and has been booked for all registered participants. Room assignments are completed. In case you want to change it, please inform the local reception staff when you check-in.


Full board is included in the lecture week. Special food requirements (vegetarian, other), if requested so far, have been communicated.

What to bring

Clothing: The lecture week will be informal, so only casual clothing is needed. Please plan for an outdoor social activity (depending on weather). Therefore you might want to bring hiking clothes.
Linen/towel/others: All rooms have linen and towels, no need to bring them. Shower gel, shampoo and hair dryers are not provided.
Equipment needed for the exercises: The exercises will include programming. For this you will need to have a laptop with you including working installations of Python 3.0 and C/C++. More detailed information will be provided by the CRC-TR 211 coordinators in due time before the lecture week starts.


Wireless internet access is available at the venue.


All basic expenses including accommodation are covered by HGS-HIRe. All meals are included. You only have to pay for local expenses, e.g., drinks etc. in the evening.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the lecture week. Please ask the secretary of your official supervisor at the university for the appropriate form.


For privacy reasons we cannot display the list of participants here.
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