The HGS-HIRe Graduate Day is the main annual event of the school.

This year's guiding theme is "Getting involved and broadening the horizon".

In the morning we will start with a broader Helmholtz perspective, with HGS-HIRe and GSI-FAIR being part of the Helmholtz Association, the biggest research organisation in Germany. A plenary presentation Survey of a disappearing world - The MoSAiC-Expedition of the Polarstern will give insight in current activities at various Helmholtz Centers to strengthen our understanding about of the changing world climate. (canceled due to sickness of speaker)

Insight HGS-HIRe sessions will give room to broaden the horizon on the HGS-HIRe research, itself. With short, parallel explanatory presentations followed by small question and answer sessions there will be a chance to get insight into areas of research different from the own scientific topics.

In short, parallel discussion sessions in the Workshop HGS-HIRe program we will try to optimize the HGS-HIRe program.

The regular Participant Council and Representative Election will be followed by the traditional HIRe Feier, the conclusion of the Graduate Day.


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10:00Welcome and Introduction to the Day
11:00Insight HGS-HIRe I
Parallel sessions with presentations and interactive sessions to learn more about the broad range of research topics in HGS-HIRe
Parallel Session on Hot & Dense Matter
  • Kshitij Agarwal (Experiment - CBM / Detector)
  • Esther Bartsch (Experiment - ALICE / Detector)
  • Michael Wondrak (Theory - AdS / CFT)
Parallel Session on Accelerators and APPA / Biophysics
  • Daniel Koser (Accelerators - Vibrations on RFQs)
  • Tabea Pfuhl (Biophysics - Simulation of Cell Survival)
  • Sero Zähter (Plasma Physics - Generation of Ultrarelativistic Electrons)
13:30Workshop HGS-HIRe program
Parallel sessions to get involved with optimizing the HGS-HIRe program
14:45Insight HGS-HIRe II
Parallel sessions with presentations and interactive sessions to learn more about the broad range of research topics in HGS-HIRe
Parallel Session on Hot & Dense Matter and APPA / Biophysics
  • Patrick Huhn (Hot & Dense Experiment - ALICE / Data)
  • Franziska Papenfuß (Biophysics Experiment - Incorporation of Radon)
  • Jan Staudenmaier (Hot & Dense Theory - Transport Codes)
Parallel Session on Nuclear Physics & Chemistry
  • Raphael Haas (Experiment - Nuclear Chemistry)
  • Phillip Imgram (Experiment - Laser Spectroscopy)
  • Daria Kostyleva (Experiment - FRS Studies)
  • Marius Peck (Experiment - Photo Induced Fission)
17:00Participant Council and Representative Election
Self-organized by the doctoral students
  • Annual reports from the Participant Representative and Helmholtz Juniors
  • Election of the new Participant Representative and his/her deputy
  • Council discussion (questions, initiatives, feedback)
18:30Annual HIRe Feier
23:30End of Event

Practical Information


The Graduate Day 2019 will be held at >Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Steubenplatz 1, 64293 Darmstadt


Transportation to the Graduate Day will be self organized.

Directions can be found >here.

Dress code

As people ask. There is no dress code during the day. For the evening we kindly ask for business casual, i.e. (formal) jacket but no tie, for the gents. Ladies on their own judgement.

Travel reimbursement

Since the site is reachable within the 'Semester-Ticket' of most of our partner universities, travel will only be reimbursed in cases where the use of this option is not possible. Costs related to the Graduate Day will be covered by HGS-HIRe. These costs will not be billed to your conference budget unless you cancel your participation in this event on short notice.

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