HGS-HIRe Perspectives 2018

What's next after the PhD? Not all HGS-HIRe participants will stay in fundamental research but will aim for leading positions in applied science or industry. To aid a possible search for alternatives HGS-HIRe brings together professionals from applied science or industry who graduated in natural science and current HGS-HIRe participants.

The program ranges from recent HGS-HIRe alumni who found their way into free economy to established professionals with long-term experience.

After an introductory presentation of the specific profession, experiences and advice for prospective graduates there will be room for questions and discussions in an informal setting.

HGS-HIRe Perspectives is organized several times per year.

If you are interested to participate please register with HGS-HIRe before the event (short email to info[at]hgs-hire.de).


Dr. Dennis Doering (SAP Software developer)

ZALARIS Deutschland AG

January 22, 2019, 16:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
Zalaris provides full-service payroll and Human Resource outsourcing solutions, in addition to related consulting and cloud-based systems, for large enterprises. This enables best practices and standardized cross-border processes. Zalaris' operations currently cover the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as Poland, Germany, Ireland, UK and India, and are readily expandable to other nations.

The talk gives a brief overview of the HR solutions in the SAP framework and the advantages introducing mobile first technologies Fiori and Successfactors in the established SAP business landscape. The talk introduces the product digital personal file (elektronische Mitarbeiterakte) as an example, how Human Resource work is realized in the SAP-framework and now transformed by mobile applications. The talk points out carrier options as a consultant and developer.

Dr. Dennis Doering is a product developer at Zalaris responsible for the digital personal file. After his PhD in detector physics at the Institut für Kernphysik at Goethe University Frankfurt, he joined IT2-Solutions, who have merged in Zalaris in 2018.

Previous HGS-HIRe Perspective Events

Dr. Christopher Czaban (Consultant)
Stefan Scheutzow (Manager)

Finbridge GmbH & Co. KG

October 22, 2018, 15:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
Finbridge is a specialised consultancy with a focus on Financial Services. Finbridge supports banks and financial service providers in designing and implementing their change process successfully along their whole value-added chain. Detailed know-how and many years of experience make them an expert with focus on Corporate Management, Financial Engineering and System Integration. Since their foundation by a team of experienced consultants in 2007, Finbridge sees continuously increasing demand for their consultancy services across Germany and neighbouring countries. The high quality standards they impose on themselves and which are strongly appreciated by their clients are backed by currently over 90 highly skilled and committed colleagues.

The talk gives a brief overview on current project work and Finbridge's area of expertise with an emphasis on how a degree in physics or related quantitative fields can contribute to change and innovation in the finance industry today. This will be complemented with a short capital markets related case study alongside the speakers experience on working as a consultant.

Dr. Christopher Czaban is a consultant at Finbridge. Directly after his PhD in theoretical physics at the Institut für Theoretische Physik at Goethe University Frankfurt he joined a project introducing a data warehouse system into to a major bank.

Stefan Scheutzow is a manager at Finbridge and responsible for the interpretation and implementation of current banking related regulations. He worked for several years in financial risk management after his master's degree in mathematics from the University of Rostock. Besides his project work he is currently engaged in his PhD.

Dr. Christian Wesp (Senior Consultant)


May 25, 2018, 13:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
EY-Parthenon is a top-management and strategy consulting company with 1,500+ people globally in 24 countries. The company helps clients to answer their complex business questions and to develop a sustainable growth strategy in today's fast changing markets. Typical sectors are retail, technology & media, private equity, industrial products and life science.

Nowadays, data has become a major asset for companies - both as a product in digital ecosystems but more important as the basis for business relevant decision making. This talk gives an overview how advanced analytical and mathematical methods are used in the Strategy Analytics Unit of EY-Parthenon. Beside background information on exemplary projects, the speaker will share personal experience of the daily work-life and the environment in consulting.

Dr. Christian Wesp is a Senior Consultant with focus on Advanced Analytics at EY-Parthenon. After his PhD in nuclear physics at the Institut für Theoretische Physik at Goethe University Frankfurt, he worked as a consultant in the finance industry. In 2017 he joined EY-Parthenon and has participated on several projects in Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Dr. Theodor Rascanu (Consultant)
Dr. Thomas Wolkanowski-Gans (Consultant)

d-fine consulting

April 17, 2018, 16:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
d-fine is a quantitative IT, risk management, and financial consultancy with more than 800 consultants across Europe (mostly graduates from physics and mathematics). The company offers the clients, e.g. banks, insurance companies, and industrial corporations quantitative, technical, and technological excellence. Working with d-fine can typically involve dealing with innovative financial products, developing efficient processes, building high performance IT systems, or using sophisticated mathematical models to quantify multiple sources of risks.

The talk gives insights into the professional challenges and the working environment of a consultant at d-fine. After giving some background information about d-fine as an employer and the broad spectrum of d-fine's consulting services, the speakers will share their personal experiences on their way from fundamental science to consulting and address the particular appeal of working at changing locations and projects for clients.

Dr. Theodor Rascanu is a Consultant at d-fine. He joined in right after finishing his PhD thesis on experimental high energy nuclear physics at the Institut für Kernphysik Frankfurt (IKF). He is currently on a project supporting the newly introduced stress test infrastructure for the EU-wide bank stress tests conducted by the EBA and the ECB.

Dr. Thomas Wolkanowski-Gans is a Consultant at d-fine. He joined in 2016 after completing his PhD thesis on effective field theory at Goethe UNiversity Frankfurt. He is currently working within a team responsible for connecting a bank's liquidity risk reporting systems to a data warehouse.

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