HGS-HIRe Perspectives 2023


What's next after finishing the doctoral research? Not all HGS-HIRe participants will stay in fundamental research but will aim for leading positions in applied science or industry. To aid a possible search for alternatives, HGS-HIRe brings together professionals from applied science or industry who graduated in natural science and current HGS-HIRe participants.

The program ranges from recent HGS-HIRe alumni who found their way into free economy to established professionals with long-term experience.

After an introductory presentation of the specific profession, experiences and advice for prospective graduates there will be room for questions and discussions in an informal setting. Hence this event series provides an excellent chance to individually figure out possible career options.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, HGS-HIRe Perspectives was organized several times per year. Now we would like to restart this event series.

If you are interested to participate please register with HGS-HIRe before the event by sending a short email to info[at]hgs-hire.de so that we can plan accordingly. Nevertheless, a participation in this event without previous registration is possible as well!


Dr. Moritz Greif

Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

May 5th, 2023, 15:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Moritz Greif is a researcher at ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) in the department for adjustment processes of Deep UV lithography optics. Together with a team of other scientists he improves, develops, and invents algorithms and software solutions for the adjustment process of the most modern immersion lenses.

Moritz will provide an overview of the milestones of semiconductor lithography optics and the key challenges ZEISS has overcome in the past years. He will outline some of his research projects and will give a general insight into the daily work of physicists in the process development. Moritz will conclude by outlining chances for new colleagues.

Moritz is an HGS-HIRe alumnus who received his doctoral degree by the Goethe University Frankfurt in 2018. His research topic was the theoretical description and simulation of photon production processes in heavy-ion collisions and transport properties of hot QCD matter. After a short post-doc phase at Goethe University, Moritz has sought new challenges in the optical precision industry at ZEISS, taking a research and development position in Oberkochen, Germany, in 2019.


Dr. Frederik King

Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA) e. V.

April 20th, 2023, 16:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Frederik King works for the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA) - Cleaning Systems and as managing director of the European association for vehicle cleaning equipment. In this Perspectives event, he will introduce VDMA, give an overview of his way to VDMA, report from his "daily work" and explain why VDMA is an interesting employer for physicists.

Frederik's responsibilities include advising and representing the interests of his VDMA members in a national, European or international context on technical, legal or business management issues. As managing director, the focus of his work is on economic issues and the strategic orientation of the association.

Frederick is an HGS-HIRe alumnus who completed his doctoral thesis in the field of atomic physics in Frankfurt in 2016 mainly focussing on experiments on dissociative electron capture in space-solid molecular ions in the Frankfurt storage ring.

Dr. Frederick Kramer

Maikowski & Ninnemann Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB

December 14th, 2022, 17:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
Dr. Frederick Kramer is a partner at Maikowski & Ninnemann Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB and head of the Frankfurt office of the firm. He advises and represents clients in prosecution before patent offices, as well as in infringement and nullity proceedings. His main technical subjects are telecommunications, AR/VR applications, aircraft engines and electronics.

As an HGS-HiRe graduate, Frederick received his PhD at Frankfurt in 2012. His research topic was the measurement of J/psi cross sections in pp at ALICE as a baseline for PbPb collisions.

After university, he moved to Berlin starting his training to become a patent attorney at Maikowski & Ninnemann in 2016, and came back to Frankfurt in 2019 to establish an office in his home town close to important patent courts.

Frederick will provide an overview of the daily work of a patent attorney, share some examples of inventions and non-inventions and conclude with tips to find out whether or not intellectual property is a field worth having in mind when approaching an end of the university career.

Dr. Hans Beck (Lead Advisor Data & Analytics)


November 16th, 2022, 17:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
Dr. Hans Beck is the Lead Advisor Data & Analytics at Luxoft where he coordinates Data Science and Machine Learning for Luxoft and its 140 000 employees parent company DXC Technology. Working at a consultancy, he assesses data & analytics at Luxoft's clients, derives strategic transformation plans, and leads their implementation.

An HGS-HIRe graduate, Hans received his PhD from Frankfurt followed by two PostDocs at Heidelberg where he was using Machine Learning to analyze petabytes of CERN data. During his research career with ALICE, he studied femtoscopy correlations, held responsibilities for the Transition Radiation Detector, and represented the PhD students and other junior collaborators in the Management Board of the collaboration.

In addition to his presentation, Hans will show a live hands-on demo of a typical problem in automotive where Machine Learning optimizes a critical business process. Hans will share how working in a typical machine learning project at Luxoft is and conclude with tips on how to find your job in industry.

Dr. Theodor Rascanu (Manager)

d-fine consulting

July 20th, 2022, 16:30
FIAS Faculty Club, Ruth-Moufang-Strasse 1, Frankfurt
d-fine is a quantitative IT, risk management, and financial consultancy with more than 1000 consultants across Europe (mostly graduates from physics and mathematics). The company offers the clients, e.g. banks, insurance companies, and industrial corporations quantitative, technical, and technological excellence. Working with d-fine can typically involve dealing with innovative financial products, developing efficient processes, building high performance IT systems, or using sophisticated mathematical models to quantify multiple sources of risks.

The talk gives insights into the professional challenges and the working environment of a consultant at d-fine. After giving some background information about d-fine as an employer and the broad spectrum of d-fine's consulting services, the speaker will share his personal experiences on his way from fundamental science to consulting and address the particular appeal of working at changing locations and projects for clients.

Dr. Theodor Rascanu is Manager at d-fine. He joined in right after finishing his PhD thesis on experimental high energy nuclear physics at the Institut für Kernphysik Frankfurt (IKF). He is currently on a project supporting the client to implement a crypto currency infrastructure.

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