List of Tutors

Tutor E-mail (replace "(at)" by "@") Project
Adamczewski-Musch, Jürgen j.adamczewski(at) Data acquisition and -processing with ROOT
Bert, Christoph C.Bert(at) Heavy-ion biophysics
Block, Michael m.block(at) Mass measurements with SHIPTRAP
Chatterji, Sudeep S.Chatterji(at) Silicon Strip Detector Development for the CBM Silicon Tracking System
Dillmann, Iris i.dillmann(at) Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics at the Fragment Separator (FRS)
Dvorak, Jan j.dvorak(at) IRiS - Inelastic Reaction Isotope Separator for Heavy Elements
Eschke, Juergen j.eschke(at) Development of a RICH detector for CBM
Franchetti, Giuliano g.franchetti(at) Nonlinear dynamics in accelerators
Friese, Volker v.friese(at) Physcis simulations for CBM
Gerl, Jürgen j.gerl(at) Gamma detector development
Gorska, Magdalena m.gorska(at) Gamma spectroscopy
Gumberidze, Alexandre a.gumberidze(at) X-ray spectroscopy
Heil, Michael m.heil(at) Nuclear Astrophysics
Herfurth, Frank F.Herfurth(at) Manipulation of highly - charged ions, the HITRAP cooler trap.
Heuser, Johann J.Heuser(at) Tests of silicon microstrip detectors
Hoffmann, Jan j.hoffmann(at) FPGA VHDL programming
Kisel, Ivan I.Kisel(at) Event reconstruction in CBM
Kojouharov, Ivan i.kojouharov(at) Segmented Germanium detectors, Field Deffect
Krämer, Michael M.Kraemer(at) Heavy-ion biophysics
Kraft-Weyrather, Wilma W.Kraft-Weyrather(at) Heavy-ion biophysics
La Tessa, Chiara c.latessa(at) Heavy-ion biophysics
Maas, Frank f.maas(at) Hadron Physics, PANDA Project
Malzacher, Peter P.Malzacher(at) Geometry exchange between CAD and simulation
Martinez-Pinedo, Gabriel g.martinez(at) Explosive Nucleosynthesis
Mustafin, Edil e.mustafin(at) Accelerator Theory - Radiation Damage Study
Quint, Wolfgang w.quint(at) Precision ion trap experiments
Rustamov, Anar a.rustamov(at) Data analysis for HADES
Saito, Takehiko t.saito(at) Hypernuclear spectroscopy
Schwarz, Carsten C.Schwarz(at) Event simulations for PANDA
Simon, Haik h.simon(at) Electronics for R3B
Skokov, Vladimir V.Skokov(at) Functional renormalization group
Stafiniak, Andrzej a.stafiniak Testing of SC magnet
Terashima, Satoru sa.terashima(at) Scattering experiments with exotic beams
Toimil-Molares, Maria Eugenia m.e.toimilmolares(at) Synthesis and characterization of nanowires and/or nanopores
Trotsenko, Sergiy S.Trotsenko(at) X-ray spectroscopy
Wollersheim, Hans-Jürgen h.j.wollersheim(at) Nuclear structure investigations & Imaging
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