Soft Skills Course - Bus

Soft Skill Course

A chartered bus has been organized for the travel to/from Buchenau.
If you do not want to make use of our chartered bus, please contact the
coordinator by email to info[at] as soon as possible so that
the bus has not to wait unnecessarily.


Schedule for Monday, October 23, 2023

Bus provision 14:15 / departure 14:30 Frankfurt, central railway station
south side (Mannheimer Strasse, Frankfurt)

Arrival in Buchenau ca. 16:30 Schloss Buchenau

Schedule for Thursday, October 26, 2023

Bus provision 15:45 / departure 16:00 Schloss Buchenau

Arrival in Frankfurt ca. 18:00 Frankfurt, central railway station

Please note: In case you cannot or do not want to make use of the bus, please let us know in time.

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