HGS-HIRe Power Week 2 - July 2012

String Theory




July 16-21, 2012


String Theory - Introduction


Matthias Kaminski, University of Washington


At the end of this Powerweek the participants will have an overview of string theory basics, and of the current research conducted in string theory. They will be able to carry out basic computations, and also have the knowledge needed to create simple string theory setups in order to investigate well-defined problems in current research. A more detailed agenda will be announced later on.

What to know:

Participants are supposed to have heard about field theory, quantum field theory at some level (Peskin & Schroeder), as well as about very basic general relativity.

What to bring:

Ideally, bring the book Joseph Polchinski "String Theory", Volume I and II. It may help to have a laptop with some program for mathematical manipulations (e.g. Mathematica).

What to read:

It helps to read Appendix A and B of Joseph Polchinski's "String Theory, Volume I and II". If you can read more of that book, it is not neccessary, but will be helpful. Also Becker, Becker, Schwarz "String Theory and M-Theory" is useful, possibly easier to read in order to have a first contact with string theory. More literature will be suggested during the week according to participant's interest.

Practical Information


The power week starts with an introduction session on Monday morning and will close on Friday late afternoon. Saturday is reserved for additional exercises.

Late arrivals

If you will arrive late please contact the coordinator in advance.


The power week will be at University of Frankfurt.


Please arrange for individual travel to the location.


Accomodation is in double rooms.


Special food requirements (vegetarian, other) will be arranged on the first day.
Full board is included in the lecture week.

What to bring

The power week will be very informal, so only casual attire necessary.


Wireless LAN is available.


All basic expenses are covered by HGS-HIRe. You only have to pay for local expenses (drinks,etc.). All meals are included.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the lecture week.


The program will start on Monday, July 16 at 9:00 am. Please make sure you arrive in time.


  1. Pascal Büscher
  2. Jaqueline Bonnet
  3. Antonia Frassino
  4. Daniil Gelfand
  5. Walter Heupel
  6. Stanislav Kubrak
  7. Jochen Keller
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