Power Week on Nuclear Astrophysics - Spring 2012 - Kloster Höchst




April 02-05, 2012


Nuclear Astrophysics / Nucleosynthesis


Marco Pignatari (University of Basel)


Sascha Vogel / Gerhard Burau (HGS-HIRe)


The goal of this lecture series is to provide the opportunity to have a journey in the research field that studies how the elements form in stars. The following arguments and topics will be discussed:

  1. Elements and isotopes in the Solar System
  2. Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis in stars via different evolutionary stages: introduction to dominant nuclear reaction channels during burning of hydrogen, helium, carbon, neon, oxygen and silicon
  3. Looking at stars in the sky - stars may have different size and different mass: evolution of low mass stars, intermediate mass stars and massive stars
  4. Explosive nucleosynthesis in stars & Supernova: Supernova Type-Ia, Supernova Type-II, Supernova Type-Ib,-Ic...
  5. Formation of elements heavier than iron: introduction to neutron capture nucleosynthesis, slow neutron capture process and rapid neutron capture process
  6. Elements and isotopes in the Solar System: we look at them again, but using what we learn to read their story.
  7. Observations of abundances in other stars....and in presolar dust

Practical Information


The power week starts with an introduction session on Monday morning and will close on Thursday late afternoon.

Late arrivals

If you will arrive late please contact the coordinator in advance.


The power week will be at Kloster Höchst >, Kirchberg 3, D-64739 Höchst im Odenwald
Directions can be found here >.


Please arrange for individual travel to the location. We enourage to use car pools or using public transport.


Accomodation is in double rooms.


Special food requirements (vegetarian, other) will be arranged on the first day.
Full board is included in the lecture week.

What to bring

The power week will be very informal, so only casual attire necessary. Linen and towels will be provided. Please bring sufficient amounts of paper and a laptop if possible.


Wireless LAN is available.


All basic expenses are covered by HGS-HIRe. You only have to pay for local expenses (drinks,etc.). All meals are included.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the lecture week.


The program will start on Monday, April 2 at 11:00 am. Please make sure you arrive in time.

What to prepare

Please download and install in your laptop a fortran compiler. Intel fortran compiler would be recommended. A basic knowledge of fortran language would be recommended, but is not mandatory. Please have a look back to some text book for stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis.


  1. Mei Bo
  2. Gunther Caspar
  3. Alexei Evdokimov
  4. Kathrin Göbel
  5. Tanja Heftrich
  6. Marcel Heine
  7. Alexander Koloczek
  8. Joel Mendoza
  9. Moritz Pohl
  10. Ganna Rastrepina
  11. Shahab Sanjari
  12. Marco Pignatari
  13. Gerhard Burau
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