Joint HGS-HIRe & RS-APS Lecture Week on Atomic & Laser Physics - August 2013 - Ulrichshusen


August 25-30, 2013


The physics of ultrashort laser pulses and laser matter interactions


Michael Geissler (U Belfast)
Mark Prandolini (HI Jena & DESY)
Christian Spielmann (U Jena)
Matt Zepf (HI Jena & U Belfast)


Renate Märtin (RS-APS)
Gerhard Burau (HGS-HIRe)

Topics to be addressed

1. Generation and amplification of ultrashort laser pulses
2. Nonlinear optics and characterization of ultrashort laser pulses
3. Theory of laser matter interaction (pertubative and non-pertubative nonlinear optics)
4. Ionization and high harmonic generation
5. Theory of relativistic nonlinear optics
6. Laser plasma interaction (surface HHG, particle acceleration)
7. Real laser systems, challenges and solutions
8. Combining high power lasers and conventional accelerators


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Travel from Frankfurt
via Jena
to Ulrichshusen
by chartered bus
Lecture I Lecture III Lecture V Lecture VII Travel to Jena
by bus
10:30-11:00 Break Break Break Break
Lecture II Lecture IV Lecture VI Lecture VIII
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Talks Talks Talks Break/Visit in Jena
15:30-16:00 Break Break Break
Talks Talks Talks
Group Project Group Project Group Project Group Project Travel to Frankfurt
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Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Checkin & Dinner Questions/Wrap-up Questions/Wrap-up Questions/Wrap-up Questions/Wrap-up

Participant Talks

Topics provided by the lecturers download >here (pdf)

  1. Talk: Bertold Feher; Partner: Armen Hayrapetyan
    Real Laser Beams (Topic 1: >talk (pptx))

  2. Talk: Ann-Kathrin Rink; Partner: Jana Bierbach
    Useful Laboratory Devices: Acousto-optic Modulators (AOM) and/or Pockels Cell (Topic 3: >talk (pptx))

  3. Talk: Hao Ding; Partner: Ge Xu
    Laser-Induced Damage from Ultrashort Laser Pulses (Topic 4: >talk (pdf))

  4. Talk: Alexander Blinne; Partner: Alexander Martin
    Overview over recent developments in Laser-Wakefield acceleration (Topic 5: >talk (pdf))

  5. Talk: Max Schwemlein; Partner: Oliver Matula
    Self-focusing (Topic 6: >talk (pptx))

  6. Talk: Zsolt Lecz; Partner: Thorsten Jahrsetz
    Beyond relativistic optics (Topic 7: >talk (pdf))

  7. Talk: Julius Biedermann; Partner: Tobias Gassner
    Generation and measurement of attosecond pulses (Topic 8: >talk (ppt))

  8. Talk: Tobias Murböck; Partner: Marc Syha
    The lighthouse effect (Topic 9: >talk (pdf))

  9. Talk: Frederik King; Partner: Arno Klenke
    Mapping orbital wave functions through HHG (Topic 10: >talk (pdf))

  10. Talk: Robert Jaeger; Partner: Johannes Ullmann
    Radiation Pressure Acceleration of Ions (Topic 11: >talk (pdf))

  11. Talk: Martin Wünsche; Partner: Karl-Heinz Blumenhagen
    Propagation of ultrashort light pulses in highly nonlinear media (Topic 12: >talk (pdf))

  12. Talk: Andreas Schönlein; Partner: Stefan Schmidt
    Stimulated Raman Backscattering Based Amplification in a Laser Generated Plasma (Topic 13: >talk (pdf))

  13. Talk: Max Möller; Partner: Marco Wiesel
    Light beams with orbital angular momentum (Topic 14: >talk (pptx))

Practical Information


Arrival in Ulrichshusen and checkin are on Sunday, August 25, in the evening.
The scientific part of the lecture week starts on Monday morning and closes on Thursday evening.
Departure to Jena/Frankfurt is scheduled for Friday morning after breakfast.

Late arrivals

If you will arrive late or on your own please contact the coordinator in advance so key pick up can be arranged.


The lecture week will be at Ulrichshusen Manor. The address is: Gut Ulrichshusen, Hofplatz, D-17194 Tressow.
More information can be found here >.


We travel by chartered bus to Ulrichshusen. Details including schedule and departure points can be found here >.


Accomodation is mostly in twin bed rooms.


Full board is included in the lecture week. Special food requirements (vegetarian, other) have been communicated to the coordinator in advance. The information has been forwarded to the local kitchen team.

What to bring

Clothing: The lecture week will be very informal, so only casual attire necessary.
Linen/towel: All rooms have linen, towels and a hair dryer, no need to bring them.


Wireless LAN is available. Please bring your own laptop.


Each participant will contribute in a presentation. Subjects will be given in due time before the lecturer week. They will be arranged by the lecturers. The presentation will not be on the own scientific work of the participant but will be connected to the topic of the lecture week. A laptop and projector will be available. In addition flip charts can be used. Presentation time is about 25 minutes including discussion.


All basic expenses are covered by HGS-HIRe and RS-APS, respectively. All meals are included. You only have to pay for local expenses (drinks, etc.). The venue offers a bike rental service on request. In case you want to use this service you have to pay for it as well.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the lecture week. Please ask the secretary of your official supervisor at the university for the appropriate form.


  1. Julius Biedermann
  2. Alexander Blinne
  3. Karl-Heinz Blumenhagen
  4. Hao Ding
  5. Bertold Feher
  6. Tobias Gassner
  7. Armen Hayrapetyan
  8. Robert Jaeger
  9. Thorsten Jahrsetz
  10. Frederik King
  11. Arno Klenke
  12. Zsolt Lecz
  13. Alexander Martin
  14. Oliver Matula
  15. Max Möller
  16. Tobias Murböck
  17. Ann-Kathrin Rink
  18. Stefan Schmidt
  19. Andreas Schönlein
  20. Max Schwemlein
  21. Marc Syha
  22. Johannes Ullmann
  23. Marco Wiesel
  24. Martin Wünsche
  25. Ge Xu
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