HGS-HIRe Lecture Week - November 2011 - Kloster Marienburg


November 13 - 18, 2011


Atomic Physics: Precision experiments with stored highly charged ions


Yuri Litvinov (GSI; Experiment)
Andrey Surzhykov (U Heidelberg; Theory)
Danyal Winters (GSI; Experiment)


Gerhard Burau (HGS-HIRe)


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Participant Talks

Topics Theory (description >here (pdf))

  1. Talk: Svetlana Fedotova ; Partner: Max Schwemlein
    Exchange interaction ( >talk (pdf))

  2. Talk: Shahab Sanjari ; Partner: Stefan Zeller
    Geonium atom ( >talk (pdf))

  3. Talk: Tobias Murböck ; Partner: Oliver Matula
    Atomic parity violation effects: Non-relativistic model ( >talk (pdf))

  4. Talk: Alexander Martin ; Partner: Filippo Fratini
    Permanent Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) of charged particles ( >talk (pdf))

  5. Talk: Ruth Steinborn ; Partner: Bertalan Feher
    Hyperfine quenching of excited ionic states ( >talk (pdf))

  6. Talk: Frederik King ; Partner: Alena Ananyeva
    Two-photon atomic decay ( >talk (pdf))

Topics Experiment (description >here (pdf))

  1. Talk: Sean McConnell ; Partner: Bastian Höltkemeier
    The g-factor of the bound electron in hydrogenlike ions ( >talk (pdf))

  2. Talk: Stefan Endres ; Partner: Matthias Lochmann
    The ground state hyperfine splitting in heavy highly charged ions ( >talk (pdf))

  3. Talk: Vladimir Lavrik ; Partner: Sabrina Geyer
    The production of highly charged ions ( >talk (pdf))

  4. Talk: Mohammed Almalki ; Partner: Pierre-Michel Hillenbrand
    Bound-state beta decay of 163Dy ( >talk (pdf))

  5. Talk: Lars Bozyk ; Partner: Natalya Winters
    Ultra-precise mass measurements for neutrino physics ( >talk (pdf))

  6. Talk: Angel Givechev ; Partner: Björn Riese
    Mass measurement of short-lived 65As isotope ( >talk (pdf))

Practical Information


Checkin at the venue is at 17:00 on Sunday, November 13.
The scientific part of the lecture week will close on Friday, November 18, in the afternoon.

Late arrivals

If you will arrive late please contact the coordinator in advance so key pick up can be arranged.


The lecture week will be at Kloster Marienburg >, 56856 Zell, at the Mosel River. Directions can be found here >.


We travel by chartered bus to Kloster Marienburg. Details including schedule and departure point can be found here >


Accomodation is mostly in twin bed rooms.


Special food requirements (vegetarian, other) should be communicated to the coordinator in advance. Vegetarian food is available for every meal. Full board is included in the lecture week.

What to bring


The lecture week will be very informal, so only casual attire necessary. Please plan for an outdoor social activity.


All rooms have linen and towels, no need to bring them. Please bring your soap and hair dryer if needed.


A WLAN access point is available. Please bring your own laptop.


Each participant will contribute in a presentation. Subjects are given in due time before the lecture week (see above). They will be arranged by the lecturers. The presentation will not be on the own scientific work of the participant but will be connected to the topic of the lecture week. A laptop and projector will be available. Presentation time is 30 minutes including discussion.


All basic expenses are covered by HGS-HIRe. You only have to pay for local expenses (drinks,etc.). All meals are included.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the lecture week. Please ask the secretary of your working group for the appropriate form.


  1. Mohammed Almalki
  2. Alena Ananyeva
  3. Lars Bozyk
  4. Stephan Endres
  5. Svetlana Fedotova
  6. Bertalan Feher
  7. Filippo Fratini
  8. Sabrina Geyer
  9. Angel Givechev
  10. Pierre-Michel Hillenbrand
  11. Bastian Höltkemeier
  12. Frederik King
  13. Vladimir Lavrik
  14. Matthias Lochmann
  15. Alexander Martin
  16. Oliver Matula
  17. Sean McConnell
  18. Tobias Murböck
  19. Björn Riese
  20. Shahab Sanjari
  21. Max Schwemlein
  22. Ruth Steinborn
  23. Natalya Winters
  24. Stefan Zeller
  25. Gerhard Burau
  26. Yuri Litvinov
  27. Andrey Surzhykov
  28. Danyal Winters
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