The HGS-HIRe Graduate Day is the main annual event of the school.

This day everybody involved with HGS-HIRe will come together to get an exciting view of the science we are working on.


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This year the following topics will mainly be covered:

  • Atomic Physics
  • Hadron Physics
  • Hot and Dense Matter
  • Biophysics

Plenary Presentation

Michael Lestinsky, FAIR & GSI Darmstadt


HGS-HIRe Graduate Day - October 18, 2016

09:45Plenary Presentation:
Michael Lestinsky - CRYRING at GSI/FAIR
11:00Participant Presentations:
Carsten Klein - Dielectrons in ALICE Run2
Vinzent Steinberg - Modelling particle production in heavy-ion collisions
Edgar Perez Lezama - Transverse momentum spectra and the nuclear modification factor with ALICE
Andreas Zacchi - Hybrid stars within a SU(3) Quark Meson model
14:00Participant Presentations:
Antje Peters - Investigation of heavy-light four-quark systems using Lattice QCD
Jan Müller - The Frankfurt Low Energy Storage Ring - First Experiments
Gabor Almasi - Fluctuations as probes of the chiral phase transition
Szymon Harabasz - Exploring the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter with virtual photons
Simon Busold - Working in Industry: Experiences from VARIAN Medical Systems Particle Therapy
16:30Participant Council and Representative Election
Self-organized by the doctoral students; proposed topics:
  • Annual reports from the Participant Representative and Helmholtz Juniors
  • Election of the Participant Representative and his/her deputy
  • Council discussion (questions, initiatives, feedback)
18:00Reception with Annual HIRe Feier

Practical Information


The Graduate Day 2016 will be held at FIAS, Ruth-Moufang-Str.1, 60438 Frankfurt.
Directions can be found >here.


We would encourage you to use public transport. The closest station is 'Uni Campus Riedberg'. It is a few minutes walk from there to the FIAS building. Routes and connections can be found >here. Transportation by car or car pool is possible as well but cannot be reimbursed by HGS-HIRe.

Dress code

As people ask. There is no dress code during the day. For the evening we kindly ask for business casual, i.e. (formal) jacket but no tie, for the gents. Ladies on their own judgement.

Travel reimbursement

Since the site is easily reachable by public transport within the 'Semester-Ticket' of most of our partner universities, travel will only be reimbursed in cases where the use of this options is not possible. Costs related to the Graduate Day will be covered by HGS-HIRe. These costs will not be billed to your conference budget unless you cancel your participation in this event on short notice.

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