The HGS-HIRe Graduate Days are the main annual event of the school.

For two days everybody involved with HGS-HIRe will come together to get an exciting view of the science we are working on.


Registration is closed.

Note that all accomodation is in shared rooms. If you do not notify us of any preferences regarding sharing your hotel room, we will randomly distribute the rooms! Please contact your potential room mate before registration to avoid confusions.

If you really are not able to join or can only join one day, please let us know as well.


This year the following topics will be covered in oral presentation sessions by our doctoral students:

Hot and Dense Matter
Atomic Physics
Hadron Physics

Plenary Presentations

Lutz Köpke, University of Mainz

Hunt for Superheavy Elements - The Quest at the Extremes of Nuclear Stability
Dieter Ackermann, GSI Darmstadt


October 23

10:15 IceCube
Lutz Köpke
11:30 Hadron Physics - Participant Presentations
  • Thomas Wolkanowski-Gans
    "Dynamical generation of hadronic resonances"
  • Milan Wagner
    "Hadron Physics at the PANDA Experiment"
  • Stefan Pflüger
    "Luminosity Extraction with the PANDA Luminosity Detector"
14:00 Poster Session
16:00 Hot and Dense Matter - Participant Presentations
  • Thorben Graf
    "Hot and dense matter in pQCD"
  • Claudia Behnke
    "Systematics of dilepton production in Heavy-ion collisions at SIS 18 energies"
  • Jaap Onderwaater
    "Experimental tests of the QCD symmetries with heavy-ion collisions"
17:00Check in at the hotel
19:30Annual HIRe Feier with Excellence Awards and Reception

October 24

09:30 Hunt for Superheavy Elements - The Quest at the Extremes of Nuclear Stability
Dieter Ackermann
11:00 Atomic Physics - Participant Presentations
  • Frederik King
    "Status and results of the first experiment at the FLSR"
  • Nico Seegert
    "Probing the quantum vacuum: Quantum reflection"
12:00Excellence Award Presentations
14:00Participant Council and Representative Election
Self-organized by the doctoral students; proposed topics: Annual reports from the Participant Representative and Helmholtz Juniors, Election of new volunteers for the Helmholtz Juniors, Council discussion (questions, initiatives, feedback)

Practical Information


The Graduate Days 2014 will be held at the >Gut Hühnerhof, Gettenbacher Strasse 1, 63584 Gründau-Gettenbach


The Graduate Days include an overnight stay at or close to the venue. Accomodation is in shared rooms. Earliest check in at the hotels is 17:00 on Thursday. After the scientific program there is a slot in the program where check in is possible (after 17:00). It is possible to store baggage after/before the stay at the venue. Checkout is Friday at 10:00 latest.

For participants, who are accommodated in the Parqeo Hotel, a shuttle service from the Parqeo Hotel to Gut Hühnerhof in Gründau and the way back is organized during the Graduate Days. Departure points and times are given >here.


A bus service from Frankfurt to Gut Hühnerhof in Gründau and the way back is organized for October 23 and October 24, respectively. Two chartered buses will be available. Departure point and time can be found >here.

Alternatively, Gründau can be reached by train via Gelnhausen. Please check the validity of your "Semesterticket" for certain connections. We would encourage you to use our bus service or public transportation. Transportation by car or car pool is possible as well but cannot be reimbursed by HGS-HIRe.

If you decide to arrive by car directions to the venue can be found >here.

Dress code

As people ask. There is no dress code during the day. Just as usual. For the evening we kindly ask for business casual, i.e. (formal) jacket but no tie, for the gents. Ladies on their own judgement.

Travel reimbursement

Hotel costs will be covered by HGS-HIRe all together, no need to pay at the hotel, costs related to the Graduate Days will not be billed to your conference budget.

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