October 27 and 28, 2011

KTC, Königstein/Taunus

The HGS-HIRe Graduate Days are the main annual event of the school.

For two days everybody involved with HGS-HIRe will come together to get an exciting view of the science we are working on.

Overview Talks

Nuclear Astrophysics
Daniel Bemmerer, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf:
Nuclear physics in the Big Bang, our Sun, and Supernovae

Accelerator Physics
Wolfgang Hillert, Uni Bonn & ELSA
Challenges in Accelerator Physics

Marco Durante, GSI
Medical Radiation Effects in Space and in Treatments Rooms: The Importance of Fast Ions


October 27

10:15 Biophysics - Overview Talk
Marco Durante
"Medical Radiation Effects in Space and in Treatments Rooms: The Importance of Fast Ions"

11:30 Accelerator Physics - Overview Talk
Wolfgang Hillert
"Challenges in Accelerator Physics"

14:00 Biophysics - Participant Presentations
  • Till Dettmering
    "Anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory effects of ionizing radiation"
  • Sabine Luft
    "Stem cells in radiobiology"
  • Julia Künzel
    "Repair of x-ray induced DNA double-strand breaks in G1 phase cells"
  • Anna Constantinescu
    "Treatment of Moving Tumors"
16:30 Accelerator Physics - Participant Presentations
  • Alex Ortner
    "Interaction of heavy ion with plasma in the context of inertial confinement fusion (ICF)"
  • Ali Almomani
    "RF Acceleration of Intense Laser Accelerated Protons Bunches"
  • Anna Mierau
    "Analysis of the electromagnetic and thermal fields of the superconducting dipole magnets for the SIS100"
19:00Annual HIRe Feier with Excellence Awards and Reception
23:00HIRe Party

October 28

10:00Excellence Award Presentations
11:00 Nuclear Astrophysics - Overview Talk
Daniel Bemmerer
"Nuclear physics in the Big Bang, our Sun, and Supernovae"

14:00Participant Council
15:00 Nuclear Astrophysics - Participant Presentations
  • Andreas Lohs
    "Get the Bang - How to make a Supernova"
  • Alexey Evdokimov
    "'Stardust' and Science"
  • Sebastian Altstadt
    "The impact of exotic light nuclei on astrophysical r-process"
  • Janine Hütig
    "Towards Leptogenesis"

Practical Information


In order to register, please submit the following information to info@hgs-hire.de not later than September 9, 2011.
Are you attending the event? -
Do you need a hotel room? -
Who do you want to share the hotel room with? -

Note that all accomodation is in double rooms. If you do not notify us of any preferences regarding sharing your hotel room, we will randomly distribute the rooms!

If you really are not able to join or can only join one day, please let us know as well.


The Graduate Days 2011 will be held at the KTC-Königstein Communication and Training Center Königstein, Ölmühlweg 65, 61462 Königstein.


The Graduate Days include an optional overnight stay at the venue. Accomodation is in double rooms. Earliest check in at the hotel is 13:00 on Thursday. We recommend to check in during the breaks or after the sessions. It is possible to store baggage after/before the stay at the hotel. Checkout is Friday at 11:00 latest.


Transportation to the Graduate Days is self organized. Directions to the hotel can be found here.

A shuttle service from and to the S-Bahnhof Kronberg will be organized from 8:30 to 10:00 on October 27 and from 17:00 to 18:00 on October 28. Since it will be doing round-trips, you might have to wait several minutes before it arrives again and picks you up.


The parking spaces in front of the conference center are free of charge.

Dress code

As people ask. There is no dress code during the day. Just as usual. For the evening we recommend business casual, i.e. jacket but no tie, for the gents. Ladies on their own judgement.

Travel reimbursement

Since we have a shuttle service and the site is reachable within the 'Semester-Ticket' of most of our partner universities, travel will only be reimbursed in cases where this is not possible. Hotel costs will be covered by HGS-HIRe all together, no need to pay at the hotel, costs related to the Graduate Days will not be billed to your conference budget.

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