The HGS-HIRe Graduate Days are the main annual event of the school.

For two days everybody involved with HGS-HIRe will come together to get an exciting view of the science we are working on.

Overview Talks

Hot and Dense Matter
Prof. Peter Braun-Munzinger/Darmstadt:
"Extreme Matter: from cold quantum gases to QGP via black holes"

Nuclear Structure
Prof. Thomas Nilsson/Chalmers:
"FAIR-NuSTAR - new horizons for research with unstable nuclei"

Atomic Physics
Prof. Stefan Schippers/Giessen
"Electron Collision Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions in Storage Rings:
Fundamental Physics and Applications"

Hadron Structure
PD Dr. Jörg Pretz/Bonn
"(Spin-) Structure of the Nucleon"


October 28

10:15 Atomic Physics - Overview Talk
Prof. Stefan Schippers
"Electron Collision Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions in Storage Rings:
Fundamental Physics and Applications"

11:15 Hadron Structure - Overview Talk
PD Dr. Jörg Pretz
"(Spin-) Structure of the Nucleon"

13:00 Atomic Physics: Participant Presentations
  • Renate Märtin
    "Polarisation Spectroscopy of Hard X-Ray Radiation"
  • Nikolaos Petridis
    "A novel microdroplet target-source for the experimental storage ring at GSI"
  • Dietrich Bernhardt
    "Dielectronic Recombination Measurements of highly charged Xenon Ions"
  • Matthias Lochmann
    "Laser Spectroscopy of lithiumlike Bismuth in the ESR @ GSI"
15:30 Hadron Structure: Participant Presentations
  • Dmitry Khaneft
    "Measurements of the time-like proton electromagnetic form factors with the PANDA experiment at FAIR"
  • Fabian Eichstädt
    "Off-shell Quarks in the Drell-Yan Process"
  • Jan Michel
    "Hades Experiment - Detectors and Electronics"
  • Olga Borodina
    "Hypernuclei spectroscopy at GSI: HypHI Phase 0 experiment"
17:30Meeting Participant Council
19:00Annual HIRe Feier with Excellence Awards and Reception
23:00HIRe Party

October 29

10:00 Nuclear Structure - Overview Talk
Prof. Thomas Nilsson
"FAIR-NuSTAR - new horizons for research with unstable nuclei"

11:00 Hot and Dense Matter - Overview Talk
Prof. Peter Braun-Munzinger
"Extreme Matter: from cold quantum gases to QGP via black holes"

13:00 Nuclear Structure: Participant Presentations
  • Namita Goel
    "Development of a Scanner for position characterisation of Germanium detectors"
  • Lutz Huther
    "Explosive Nucleosynthesis of heavy elements"
  • Marcel Heine
    "Online Analysis of the 18C-Breakup at the ALaDin/LAND Setup"
  • Valerii Panin
    "Quasi-free Scattering Reactions in Inverse Kinematics at R3B-LAND"
15:30 Hot and Dense Matter - Participant Presentations
  • Anna Kotynia
    "Silicon Tracking System for the CBM experiment"
  • Sedat Altinpinar
    "Electron-D^0 Correlations in the ALICE Experiment at LHC"
  • Klaus Heckmann
    "Shear viscosity of a NJL pion gas"
  • Andrej El
    "What can we learn about hydrodynamics from the kinetic transport theory?"

Practical Information


The Graduate Days 2010 will be held at the Zehntscheune Herrenhof Hanau-Steinheim. An old storage barn from 1535 now turned into an event space.


The Graduate Days include an optional overnight stay at the Villa Stokkum, Steinheimer Vorstadt 70, 63456 Hanau-Steinheim.

A list of registered overnight guests can be found here. Registration for the overnight stay is closed at this point.

Earliest check in at the hotel is 15:00 on Thursday. We recommend to check in during the breaks or after the sessions. It is possible to store baggage after/before the stay at the hotel. Checkout is Friday at 11:00 latest.


Directions to the hotel can be found here.

Directions to the Zehntscheune can be found here.

In case you arrive by public transport the best way is to go from Frankfurt main station with S8 to Hanau-Steinheim. Continue with bus 12 or 4 to Hanau-Steinheim, Albrecht-Dürer-Strasse. From there it's a 5 minute walk to the location.

To walk from the hotel to the Zehntscheune just walk up the brief slope through the park along the old city wall.


Please note that there is no parking at the Zehntscheune. Please park your car at the Villa Stokkum (Altstadtparkplatz P1) or at the Main river under the Hellentalbrücke (Altstadtparkplatz P2). Both parkings are free of charge.

Dress code

As people ask. There is no dress code during the day. Just as usual. For the evening we recommend business casual, i.e. jacket but no tie, for the gents. Ladies on their own judgement.

Travel reimbursement

If you need travel reimbursement we will have the usual application sheets on site. Please do not file a formal travel request. Hotel costs will be covered by HGS-HIRe all together, no need to pay at the hotel, costs related to the Graduate Days will not be billed to your conference budget.

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