Fourth International FAIR School - 2015


September 6-13, 2015


In the fourth international FAIR school (succeeding the Joint Helmholtz-Rosatom Schools) participants of HGS-HIRe and FRRC, as well as other international students from the FAIR partner countries will come together to discuss and learn about various aspects of the new FAIR accelerator complex.

The topics cover all parts of the FAIR project: The accelerators, the experiments, the theories and the computing frameworks behind. In a series of expert lectures and group projects the different scientific parts will be elaborated. There will be plenty of time to get to know other international students working on FAIR related projects.
The format of the school is similar to HGS-HIRe Lecture Weeks with senior lecturers in the morning, student activities in the afternoon and discussions/group work in the evenings.


Mohammed Al-Turany (GSI, Germany)
Marcus Bleicher (Frankfurt University, Germany)
Christian Fischer (Giessen University, Germany)
Andreas Heinz (Chalmers University, Sweden)
Dieter Hofmann (Darmstadt University, Germany)
Alessandro Marchioro (CERN, Switzerland)
Paul Neumayer (GSI, Germany)
Elisabetta Prencipe (FZJ, Germany)
Rüdiger Schmidt (CERN, Switzerland)
Boris Sharkov (FAIR, Germany)
Nikolay Shurkno (Dubna, Russia)
Markus Steck (GSI, Germany)
Christian Sturm (GSI, Germany)


Sascha Vogel, Hans Gutbrod

Practical Information


The scientific part will start on Sunday evening and will close on Saturday evening.


Application is done via email to Please include a letter of recommendation by your supervisor. The number of participants is limited and applications should be sent latest by May 31. Participants will be selected shortly after that.


Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy


Travel of the german students is organized centrally by HGS-HIRe.


Accomodation is in two bed rooms.


Vegetarian food is available for every meal. Full board is included.

What to bring

Clothing The school will be informal, so only casual attire necessary.


Wireless internet access is available. Please bring your own laptop.


All basic expenses are covered by HGS-HIRe via the NUSTAR grant of BMBF and by FRRC via the Kurchatov Institute. You only have to pay for local expenses (drinks, etc.). All meals are included.


Though this trip will not generate any costs for your supervisor or group please do not forget to file a trip request so you are covered by insurance during the school. Please ask the secretary of your working group for the appropriate form.


  1. Evgeny Anikin
  2. Oleg Andreev
  3. Valentin Agababaev
  4. Anastasia Bakhmutova
  5. Sayani Biswas
  6. Daria Bochek
  7. Sofia Bukreeva
  8. Mario Cappellazzo
  9. Konstantin Cistakov
  10. Santwana Dubey
  11. Eduard Friske
  12. Bo Fu
  13. Andres Gomez
  14. Sebastian Heil
  15. Ivan Gorelyshev
  16. Jens Harzheim
  17. Gabriele Inghirami
  18. Lukasz Iskra
  19. Irina Ivanova
  20. Pavel Kisel
  21. Yury Kozhedub
  22. Grigory Kozlov
  23. Janina Krieg
  24. Bo Ram Lee
  25. Konstantin Lyachchenko
  26. Aleksei Malyshev
  27. Karina Martin
  28. Ievgeniia Momot
  29. Aleksandr Nikolaev
  30. Pavlos Koseoglou
  31. Mykhailo Pugach
  32. Stefan Reinicke
  33. Yury Rogovskiy
  34. Pratap Roy
  35. Sofya Rymzhanova
  36. Sergey Ryzhikov
  37. Martin Schmidt
  38. David Schneiders
  39. Alexander Senchenko
  40. Nikolay Shurkno
  41. Zuzana Slavkosvka
  42. Vinzent Steinberg
  43. Anne Spende
  44. Ina Syndikus
  45. Milad Tanha
  46. Kamila Zelga
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